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Artist Statement:
I make art because it keeps me grounded.  It helps me make sense and order of a world made of chaos and confusion.  The geometry and proportion of nature has always been my primary inspiration. It particularly interests me to focus on systematic processes that incrementally build, whose sum mirrors the increments. I always maintain a dialogue with the materials that stems from an inherent respect and appreciation. My process usually entails a great deal of technical problem solving and sequencing to combine materials of differing properties and sensitivities. Traditional craftsmanship hasn't died with generations past. In a world that's rapidly becoming more hands-off, where the idea of DIY is actually a pre-fab kit, I like to intrigue people to learn about the traditional methods with my pieces.  My goal is to create seemingly simple things that inspire curiosity about how they are made.  
Steven Lubecki is an artist living in Providence RI. He has been a working as professional goldsmith for the last 10 years.  Steven has also been studying to become a master bladesmith and has taught classes in both subjects. He is a graduate of the Maine College of Art with a degree in Metalsmithing and Jewelry. He was born in Rome NY, and has been an artist since he could manipulate instruments of creativity. He currently owns Steven Lubecki Designs; Jewelry trade technical services, custom knives, and jewelry.


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